Add a Twist to Cocktail Hour

Happy winter. This month we're featuring The Charles design, influenced by our love of Boston and The Charles River. Centered around an elegantly twisted base, this visually stunning design adds style and elegance to your bar. Our featured product this week is The Rocks glass set, including 2 The Charles glasses, 2 ice sphere molds and cocktail picks, perfect for sipping our cocktail of the week, The Orange Manhattan.

Raise The Bar,
Matt & Oliver

This month, all 'The Charles' design barware is on sale for 25% off.

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This week's recipe is a stirred version of our signature Manhattan, which we like to serve on the rocks in The Charles glass.

A great recipe for the Manhattan lover or newbie.

It also works great as prepared cocktail served in your decanter.

Check out our next newsletter for more tips on that.

Fun gift for those that enjoy a nice drink and a great glass

"Fun gift for those that enjoy a nice drink and a great glass. I have the set of four for myself and bought the twin set for gifts. The twist in the glass makes it unique. They are rugged and calming at the same time. LOL, I know odd description, but when you buy your set you will understand. :) Glasses come in a nice case to keep them safe. I don't use these as an everyday glass, but you could. For scotch/whiskey connoisseur the ice sphears are a nice touch. I love my glasses and think they are a great value that I plan to enjoy for years. Cheers!"

mfriend93, Amazon Customer

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