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In continuing our The Charles design product spotlight, our featured product this week is UnCorked. Each set contains 4 carefully crafted Rocks/Old Fashioned tumblers and matching decanter. Perfect for sipping whiskey or a prepared and bottled cocktail, like this week's Classic Negroni recipe.

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Batch and Bottled Cocktails
are often used at parties or dinners to mix large quantities at once and serve guests. An immediate conversation starter, they demonstrate good taste and creativity and ensure there is something to drink at the party that you like. You can also enjoy batching a decanter worth for your home, to have a perfect cocktail on hand at any time.

To batch make your Negroni, mix 5 drinks worth of ingredients and add 5-10 ounces of water (adjust as needed for the strength of drink). The reason for adding water is to make up for the dilution of ice which normally occurs during mixing. Store in your decanter and serve over ice.

3rd Purchase from The Elan Collective

"I have been happy with all of my purchases from them. This decanter is unique looking and grabs your eye. It is well made, very clear and no waves in it. For the price point I think its very hard to beat. It was well packaged and arrived with no cracks or chips. Highly recommended."

John D., Amazon Customer


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