Shake it up! - Everything you need to know about Shaken Drinks

Shaking is a fast and fun way to chill, aerate and properly mix a cocktail. A proper shake should agitate the ice sending it bouncing around the tins, cooling the liquids and introducing water and air bubbles to the mix. The idea here is to blend all the ingredients seamlessly to produce a single flavor. The result is a well mixed, lighter cocktail.

Proper Shaking Technique 

Fill the large shaker approximately halfway with ice. Measure and add all ingredients.  Your ice should sit higher than the liquids. We would not recommend making more than 2 drinks at a time, to keep enough open space in the shaker.

If you are working with tonic, soda or any other carbonate liquid do not add it to the shaker. Carbonated liquids get poured into the glass after the shaken liquids.


Place the short tin on top and give it a firm tap with the heel of your hand to ensure a solid seal. If sealed well you should be able to lift both tins together using the top tin. Hold the shaker with 2 hands, one on each tin. Shake vigorously for 20-30 seconds.



Put in the extra effort. Have fun. You should feel the tins frosting up as you shake. To add some flair, try a ‘short then long’ shaking rhythm.

The rapid change in temperature and release of air may cause the tins to vacuum seal. To break the seal, using the heel of your hand, give the shaker a solid tap. The small tin was designed with a tapered inside edge to help to separate.


Which drinks need a good shake?

Generally, you'd choose this type of mixing for drinks that include fresh, non-alcoholic ingredients such as fruit juice, eggs, cream liqueur, dairy, or herbs or for any cocktail that you’d like to give an effervescent texture and consistency. Here are some of the classics to shake: Martinis, Cosmopolitan, MaiTai, Daiquiri, Margarita, Sidecar, Whiskey Sour.




Cocktail Shakers

There are 3 basic styles of shakers

Coblers (3 piece) with integrated strainer
French (2 piece) with a tapered top
Boston (2 piece) with either a glass and a steel tin or 2 steel tins.

We prefer the Boston and French style shakers as they are easier to open, and the extra volume of the tins allows for proper dilution. We are partial to 2 piece steel shakers as glass shakers brake easier.

Our 'Bartender's Choice' 4 piece Bar Tool set comes with a Franch Shaker and our 'Behind The Stick' 7 piece Bar Tools Essentials includes a stainless steel Boston Shaker


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