About us


The idea for The Elan Collective was born out of the 15-year friendship of founders Oliver and Matt. Over the years they’ve hosted countless parties, mixing cocktails , grilling feasts and celebrating life with family and friends, and along the way discovered each other's interest in great food, cocktails, and entertaining. It’s no wonder that the mission of the company is to celebrate the good things in life including friendship, entertaining and exceptional drinks.

Over the course of many late nights sipping bourbon at local Boston establishments discussing the likes of “What makes a proper rocks glass?”, and breaking several glass Boston Shakers at home, Matt and Oliver decided to create a brand that offered the essential tools for brewing the perfect cup of coffee and crafting the best cocktails. The Elan Collective philosophy was born, life is made richer through the little joys we experience, using a product that is just right; the perfectly balanced knife, the right bourbon, the smell of fresh ground coffee before brewing, a great pair of tongs for the grill and of course a proper rocks glass.

Matt and Oliver’s passion for simplicity, style and function are reflected in their very first products, the pour-over brewer and kettle. After experimenting with various brewing methods and brewers they found perfection in the Pour Over Brew method, a classic, hands-on technique that once mastered, draws out coffees’ best flavors and aromas.

The drive to create “extra” out of the ordinary experiences by transforming mundane tools for the kitchen into simple, stylish pieces extended beyond coffee and tea to the bar. They introduced the essential six-piece bar set which includes the tools they’ve  come to rely on to mix amazing cocktails.

In a world of tricked out gadgets and new-fangled products, Matt and Oliver’s vision for reviving the tried and true coffee brewing and cocktail crafting techniques of the past is truly special. When they started The Elan Collective, the goal was not just to design great products but to share that passion and excitement with people who delight in the small things like an expertly crafted cocktail or a perfectly brewed cup of coffee.